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Financial District


Client 5

CIG Enterprise LLC

CIG has worked with this USA based affiliate company from its very beginning, and we are delighted to be their chosen partner through their international business journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and  we watch and learn from each other to advance our global brand.

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Client 6

CIG Partners LTD

After many years in their industry, this Hong Kong-based affiliate company asked us to help transition into a new market. From our initial conversations and through ongoing collaboration, our partnership has not only allowed them to successfully enter into new markets but also allowed them more success than ever before in their core business sector.

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Client 4

Veterans Alliance Corporation

This client approached us for consultation on how to transition from a small, local business to a larger, regional business. Our journey has been truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to see this client thrive as they strive to lead their business industry.

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