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Start-up Venture Consulting

Achieve Your Goals

During the development of young companies, various situations require professional consultation. This includes hurdling through the funding process, drafting or negotiating term sheets, designing tax-optimized holding structures, or preparing exit strategies.

CIG’s interdisciplinary professionals are committed to assessment, valuation, legal and financial aspects of a start-up venture to identify possible approaches to capitalize on the opportunity. Our advisory is tailored to those individuals seeking to find experts who can guide them through the many aspects of the legal, financial and operational steps that are the foundations to any successful start-up business.


We are actively engaged in providing the following services to our clients:

  • Research and identify new technologies for investment and/or management services.

  • Conceptualize the business model and prepare for funding presentations and road shows.

  • Recruit management teams with proven track records.

  • Advise, draft and negotiate term sheets and investment agreements.

  • Design business structures and strategies to promote operational efficiencies.

  • Create financial forecasts and assess business model execution.

  • Perform competitive analysis and collaboration strategies with existing market players.

  • Assist with financial statements and audits based on national and international financial reporting standards.

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