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Investment Consulting

Grow Your Business

CIG's know-how and experience can be the springboard for advising and supporting our client’s needs. As an independent investment consultant, CIG works behind the scenes to share its professional investing knowledge advising clients to make informed decisions on key wealth issues.

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What Available Services:

Investment Education

  • Trustees

  • Employees

Setting Investment Objectives

  • Determine Cash Flow Needs & Time Horizons

  • Determine Asset Classes To Be Used

  • Set Asset Mix Parameters

  • Determine Desired Investment Manager Characteristics

  • Set Investment Manager Guidelines

Asset Allocation

  • Quantify Risk Tolerance Level

  • Develop Long Term Policy

  • Recommend Periodic Adjustments

  • Adjust Asset Classes

  • Rebalancing Within Asset Classes

  • Rebalancing Among Investment Managers

Investment Manager Search & Selection

  • Search

  • Screen Prospects for Desirable Risk/Return Features

  • Recommend Qualified Investment Managers

  •  Selection

  • Present Pertinent Data to Trustees

  • Interview Investment Managers

  • Recommend Investment Manager(s)

Performance Measurement & Evaluation

  • Measurement

  • Absolute Time Weighted Return

  • Risk Analysis

  • Asset Allocation Analysis

  •  Evaluation

  • Relative to Investment Objective

  • Relative to Established Indices

  • Relative to Inflation

Cost Containment

  • Monitor Commissions

  • Negotiate Custodian Fees

  • Negotiate Investment Management Fees

  • Negotiate Commission

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